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Good friends Frank Schuttert and Pieter Clemens share win in Borek Prize

Shared pain is half a pain Pieter Clemens and Frank Schuttert must have thought. Both riders crossed the finish line in exactly the same time, which meant two winners in the Borek Prize. The class was run directly in time with obstacles at a height of 1.45m.

"Winning in pairs is always special, especially in this case because I am very good friends with Pieter and have worked together for a long time. If I have to share the win with someone, it's nice because with Pieter," Frank Schuttert reacted extremely satisfied afterwards. "This is just the same for me," laughs Pieter Clemens. We are very good friends and have worked together for a long time, super nice this!"

About the nine-year-old mare Panama van 't Roosakker (by Echo van 't Spieveld), Frank Schuttert praises. "It's an honour that I get to ride this horse. This was already a very quality horse as a young horse. The mare is owned by Wezenberg and very nice that they thought of me being allowed to ride this horse now that I have started for myself. I took her as my third horse to gain experience. This afternoon's course against the clock suited her, she is a fast horse. It just went really well," Frank Schuttert reflected on his ride.

Frank has not been to the start line at The Dutch Masters very often, which may make him extra impressed. "It's a fantastic event, all the world's top drivers are here. This was of course a great win, but it's all about this afternoon. This is what all the big men have been working towards and I too am definitely going to have another go. Hopefully we can make it an even nicer Sunday."

Started smoothly, I tried to ride as fast as possible and that went really well," laughed the second winner of the Borek Prize. "This horse has a super attitude, is very careful and has a lot going for it. I do think it's a horse we will see in the higher tests later on," Pieter Clemens said of Big Beauty Z (by Big Star Jr KZ). "I am really super happy that I got the chance to ride here. Actually one of the most beautiful indoor jumpings there is, I am very happy," concluded the Belgian rider.

Both riders finished in the time of 50.91 seconds. Third place went to Dutch rider Kevin Jochems, who managed to stop the clock at 51.82 seconds with Looks Good de Liebri Z (by Lector van den Bisschop).